Web Summit 2018: where will it take us next?

Web Summit 2018: where will it take us next?

Since there's only a couple of months until the year ends, most of us take this time to reflect. What went right or wrong this year? What can we do to improve the next one? More times than not, we end up having a new business idea or a new product. That's where Web Summit comes in hand. It's the perfect opportunity to build new professional relationships, and seek out new partnerships.

Next week, during four days, everyone will have their eyes on Lisbon.

This year, Web Summit is expecting more than 170 nationalities, more than 70 thousand attendees, and 1200 speakers, a significant increase from last year's edition. Will it be the last time in Portugal? Apparently not. 

High stakes for 2019 edition

The Portuguese government agreed on a three-year contract with two optional years for the Summit in Lisbon. This is the last edition that contemplated that previous agreement. After that, Lisbon competed with other cities to maintain the "startup scene status." 

London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Munique, and Hamburg were some of the cities on the run to host the 2019 edition. 
However, the Web Summit organization and the Portuguese government came to an agreement, and the event will stay in Lisbon for the next ten years.

It's no surprise that everyone wanted, including Portugal, who's willing to invest 110 million on this summit. Although this is a significant investment, there's even more substantial revenue. From the 5th to the 8th of November, most of the city's accommodations will be fully booked. Also, restaurants, local shops, museums, and touristic attractions will benefit significantly during a month that, if it weren't for the Summit, wouldn't be that profitable. 

Even though this turned out not to be the last edition in our city, we couldn't miss it any away! If you have the opportunity to go as well, catch up with us, maybe we can find new opportunities together. 

  • posted by @pedro
  • November 2, 2018