MAC: what to know and what to do in Moscow

MAC: what to know and what to do in Moscow

Moscow Affiliate Conference (MAC) 2018 will take place on March 29th.

MAC is the most significant Russian conference that brings together CPA network owners, Advertisers, and Traffic sources from all around the world.

This year, there are expected 2500 attendees, and more than 200 companies from 40 different countries. We're also looking forward to hearing expert talks, panel discussion, and keynotes. 

In the meantime, we did some research and have some dos and don'ts if you're going to Moscow for the first time.


- Try to learn the Cyrillic alphabet

Recognizing some of part of the alphabet may help you read indications so you can move around the city on our own.

- Expect to spend some good money

Visitors are usually charged more than locals in Moscow. It's a regular thing for museums, restaurants, and even taxis to ask for more money. Be aware of that before going.

- Dress up if you're going out

Even though it's a very cold country in the winter,  Russians do dress up for a night out. Men usually go for black suits, and women opt for high heels, mini skirt, and more elaborated makeup.


- Be disrespectful in churches

There are a few things you must do if you want to visit a church in Russia. For women, it's required for them to cover their shoulders and to wear a skirt (usually provided at the entrance). In the man's case, they can't wear shorts or hats.

- Take photos of government buildings

Watch out for this one. Be careful when photographing official buildings, stations, and military-security structures because it may get you into trouble with the authorities. When in doubt, don't snap.

- Don't ask for a mixer with vodka

In Europe, it's common to ask for a vodka with lemon or orange juice. However, in Moscow, don't do it! It will be almost offensive if you don't drink vodka the way you should: in a shot format and followed by some appetizer (normally pickles). 

So if you're heading to MAC, meet our Head of Sales, Paulo Fradinho, and our Advertiser Manager, Nidia Teiga. Book a meeting with them here and discover our exclusive solutions for demand and supply.

See you soon!