We got together to play games on Saint Patrick's day, and it was a blast!

We got together to play games on Saint Patrick's day, and it was a blast!

St Patrick’s Day is commonly known as the day that people drink beer, wear leprechaun hats and put on green cloths.  It's also mandatory to listen to Irish music. All in all, a lot of things related to the Irish culture that has been adopted by the rest of the world as their own.

Regardless of being a more or less commercial day, it’s one of those days that people get together and enjoy spending some time in the company of each other. 

To us, seemed like the perfect day to relax after work, mainly since it was on a Friday. We bought snacks and beer. We even put rainbows on top of our green jelly (we wanted to find the golden pot at the end).

Patricia took out those classic board games (that sadly no-one seems to play anymore). Sid brought old-school PlayStation games like Tekken. All of a sudden everyone had their game faces on. 

Before I even realize what was going on, Nidia was putting up a big fight with Sid on Tekken. Also, Patricia was explaining how to prevent kitten explosions (no real kittens were harmed during this game, only fictional ones).

By the end of our evening, the remaining survivors were divided into three teams playing Pictionary. That’s when I discover - the hard way of course - that my divergent way of thinking isn’t clear to everyone else's and every time it was my turn to draw, I overdid it. 

Regardless of losing every time, I had the best of times. I feel like everyone enjoyed the evening and had fun at some point.

The most important part? We shut down our computers and enjoyed each others company while drinking a few beers and eating sweet potato chips.

Curious? See the pictures of our evening here.