Why Pop-unders are useful to you

Why Pop-unders are useful to you

Pop-unders are probably the most popular type of traffic for everyone on the internet. That's why media buyers like them because they provide fast traffic and delivery significant amounts of users on the sale page. They're also excellent for learning media buying because they are a very fast and simple way to get conversions and to optimize the first campaigns with fewer parameters.

However, some advertisers don’t appreciate pop-unders that much since they consider it bad quality traffic. 

But the key to work with popunders is to know your traffic (by using category targeting) and match it with the most relevant offers. Consider this as an example: you have pop-under traffic from a website whose focus is "best antivirus for android," so you’ll profit from matching it to a CPA offer of android antivirus.

The potential of pop-unders for Media Buyers

We're daily confronted with small decisions, like choosing between Ad networks, Campaigns, Type of Traffic, Offers, Banners, LPs, Affiliate Networks, among others. The trick is selecting the ones that are worth our time, and our financial investment.

Pop-unders have the real potential of making money for media buyers. Their traffic sources usually have good key factors of success like good volumes of traffic (the main ingredient for making money), good targeting options, and low price. Besides, it allows affiliate offers and has a good interface for media buying.

Want to know how to make money with Pop-unders? Follow these easy steps.

1. Test multiple offers.
2. Be sure the affiliate offers you are using allow pop-unders (this is very important if you want to scale).
3. Find a compatible offer based on a category for each traffic source.
4. Test category targeting.
5. Keep in mind that Wifi is huge (3G, on the other hand, is not).
6. Don’t let your competition grow (keep increasing your bid).
7. Watch out for the speed of your landing pages and offers.
8. Identify which pop traffic source has less discrepancy regarding visitors.

Now, which traffic sources should you try?

When you are new in media buying, you want to have some tips about the best traffic sources. Pop-under adnetworks are the most popular ones, and you’ve probably heard some names like Propellerads, Adsterra, Popads, Popcash, and Adfly.
But keep in mind that the best way is always to test and analyze the potential of each one of them.

To wrap it up

Pop-unders are a useful and valuable type of traffic, and media buyers are making money from it. 

But like any type of traffic, you need to dig deep before you get to find the gold!