#TES18 Highlights

Right after MWC, we had the pleasure of receiving companies focused on Mobile Advertisement in our “not so sunny” Lisbon.
For the ones who attended TES during the beginning of March: we promise you Lisbon has good weather! This was purely bad luck.

This was my first summit, and surprisingly I felt like it was different from the ones I used to hear about. It was super relaxed, and everyone already knew everyone. Instead of focusing exclusively on new business, we had the opportunity to strengthen relationships and discuss more detailed business. 

Although I wasn’t able to attend all of the keynotes and speed meetings I made an extra effort to hear for the first time one of the most influential affiliate marketers, the one, and only Charles Ngo. The theme was Mobile Blueprint, talking about the most meticulous steps we need to take to make a campaign profitable.


Amongst the top trends in the market right now, what I heard/saw the most at TES was:

Native Ads: Mobile Content is increasingly turning to native advertising as a way to create engagement with potential customers due to its non-disruptive character. Once a user engages with your native ad, you can retarget them with more relevant display ads, enhancing a much higher percentage of effectiveness!

Media Buyers: These guys are reemerging and conquering the market from networks! Now that this is happening there needs to be a continuous effort from networks to keep up the quality of their traffic and products.

Crypto Currency: Crypto is blowing up right now, and it’s also changing up the rules in affiliate marketing. With so many users switching to cryptocurrencies, it’s only fair that the affiliate marketing industry adapts user acquisition in verticals like finance and gambling to it!


Let’s say; it was a good first summit! It’s always nice to keep updated and check out the newest trends in the field. I’m glad I could be a part of it! 
As my first time in a summit, I must say that the outcome of this experience was very positive. 
I got the chance to finally meet in person the partners with whom I talk to on a weekly basis, seek for new ones and have more personal chats with people who had different perspectives on market demand and overall strengths.
That’s why it’s so important to attend these events: you get to network, talk business, have fun and even raise your company’s brand awareness.

Besides, this made me realize that there’s much more beyond my daily routine as an account manager in affiliate marketing. I’m used to dealing with other networks but at the summit, I met a lot of other companies besides them, which enabled me to develop a holistic 360º vision of this industry.
To all my fellow affiliate marketers, hope you had the greatest time and,

See you on the next one!