Inside Moscow Affiliate Conference

Inside Moscow Affiliate Conference

Moscow was not on my travel wishlist (at least not in the short term), but since I started to search a little more about the country and the conference itself, I began to get more and more excited about going. 

And of course, we can't speak of Moscow without chatting about the weather. It's true what they say; it was freezing! 

Regardless, it's a city worth visiting. You can explore significant buildings, monuments, and even subway stations. It's truly a rich culture with lots to offer.

I also have to point out that the language was, sometimes, a huge barrier. Some Russians do not speak English and don’t even understand it, so go prepared with a translator. It will improve your experience, for sure.


Moscow Affiliate Conference

Before going to Russia, it became crucial that we schedule some meetings beforehand, but at the same time, we left some free time to explore, meet and talk with other partners that we still didn't know.

Paulo and I arrived super early to the conference because we wanted to be there since the beginning and make sure we didn't miss anything. Good thing we did it because this way we could speak more calmly with some partners. After that, it looked like we were on a roller-coaster, everyone wanted to squeeze meetings and make the most of that day.

The massive attendance of the Conference brought us new insights about the marketplace and what kind of offers and traffic we have, could grow or even explore in the future.

Also, one of the things we realized is that in Russia there's a massive market for Nutra and Crypto Advertisers, which can be something to explore as well in Europe and other countries. Sofia also mentioned this trend when she told us about TES, so we can confirm that this is something to look up in the future. 

Another issue widely discussed in Moscow was the existence and constant appearance of more ways of doing fraud and how media buyers are taking advantage of it. 

In REVLINKER, we always stand up for the belief that we maintain quality with networks, by having a very close relationship with the Advertisers and good feedback from them. 
Adding to this, we believe that another way to lower the fraud rate (and we hear some people discussing it too) is to have exclusive campaigns and LP's that will increase the interest of high-quality networks. But we'll leave this subject for another post.

After such a good conference, we needed to have a better party, and Moscow didn't disappoint. 
For those who have been there, they will know what I am talking about, and for those who have not... well, you will always have next year!